Quarto is an open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc.
The Fürth lab is using Quarto to ease presentation making

🎩 🔮 💫 Making presentations using Quarto, Markdown and RevealJS

This protocol shows how to make a presentation in Quarto.

💾 Install Quarto Command Line Interface (CLI)

Begin by installing Quarto CLI for your operating systems.

🎬 Start your presentation

Quarto supports a variety of formats for creating presentations, including:

With Quarto you can make your presentation once in Markdown and deploy to any of these formats.

🗒️Start from fürth lab template

Clone the quarto_furthlab_template from the furthlab organization GitHub  .
gh repo clone furthlab/quarto_furthlab_template

From the terminal run:
quarto preview index.qmd

If you rather want to create a PowerPoint you can render to a PowerPoint file with a single command:
quarto render index.qmd --to pptx
and compare this with rendering to html:
quarto render index.qmd --to html