Lab members

If you would like to join please email
We have a highly structured interview process for joining the lab.

  1. First there will be an interview between Daniel and you where the basic compatibility is evaluated.
  2. Next you will be invited to give a talk infront of the rest of the group.
  3. After the presentation, you will be invited to talk with individual lab members without Daniel's presence. In these conversations with lab staff, it's important to ask questions about what's going on inside the lab and what people aren't really happy about Daniel or the lab.
  4. All lab members will then discuss if you would be a good fit, and the final decision is made and you will receive an offer.
Daniel Fürth 🇸🇪

principal investigator

B.Sc. Karolinska Institute
Ph.D. Karolinska Institutet
Postdoc. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Group leader 
SciLifeLab/Uppsala University
Alfred Larsson 🇸🇪

Ph.D. student

M.Sc. Chemistry, Uppsala University
Prabash Wijethunga 🇸🇪

Ph.D. student

B.Sc. Molecular biology, University of Dundee
Andreas Torell 🇸🇪


Waked Hamed 🇸🇾

☀️summer intern 2023

Josephine Heinhold 🇩🇪

Master student, Molecular Medicine

Natalia Honchar  🇺🇦

Master student, IMIM

Trupthi Joshi 🇮🇳

ATMM course, IMIM

Emilia Staszór 🇵🇱

ATMM course, IMIM

Anastasiia Martyniak 🇺🇦

Master student, IMIM