🍿🎞📽 Molecular Tools for Functional Genomics Academic Movie Night 🎓🏫🧬

Picture a Scientist (2020) 1h 43m  Ian Cheney & Sharon Shattuck
In Silico (2020) 1h 23m Noah Hutton
Ask the Question (2023?) ? Pamela B Green

2022-12-16 Christmas party Molecular tools section
Stabby prästgård
Masood, Ulf and Xingqi
Lox, deviled eggs etc.
Stabbyprästgård, home to the Uppsala based Noble prize laureate Nathan Söderblom.
2022-06-19 Molecular tools section excursion to Östhammar

The labs in the Molecular Tools for Functional Genomics corridor arranged an excursion to Landegren summer cottage out in the Roslagen archipelago.
Barbeque with the beautiful Baltic ocean as our background.

The boat house