🍶 Formamide strip buffer

Strip buffer with formamide and 0.01% Triton X100.

🚛 Reagents needed 📦 :
Item Item article number Distributor Vendor
Hi-Di™ Formamide
ThermoFisher Applied Biosystems
10% Triton X100
UltraPure™ DNase/RNase-Free Distilled Water 10977035 ThermoFisher Invitrogen

 Aliquot the formamide into Eppendorf tubes with 360 µl in each tube.

 When you want to strip thaw the formamide and add 0.4 µl of 10% Triton X100 

 Add 39.6 µl of nuclease-free water and cortex.

Dont save aliquots. Throw away after use.